As of February 2014:

 This blog is a personal blog that is written and edited by myself, unless stated otherwise. I am not paid to provide a specific opinion on products, services, websites, or any other topics. The views and opinions in this blog are purely my own, and are my beliefs at the time of writing. If I do write a review on a product received as a PR sample, gift, or otherwise, I will state so in the review itself, whilst also marking it with an '*' next to the first mention of the product. Any sponsored reviews or posts will, also, have a sentence stating such within the post, whilst being marked with '**' next to the first mention of the product. In both cases, I will also state where I received the product from.

 100% of the content on this site is my own, unless stated otherwise. Text, images, and other content on this site is not to be used by anyone unless given express, written permission by myself. If you would like to use some of my content, please email me to discuss.

 If you would like to contact me with regards to a PR sample or if you would like to contact me about trying out a new product, feel free to email me at If you would prefer to contact me through another medium, I have twitter (@poppingpout) and also check comments on this site daily.


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