My Homebase Haul & New Bedroom Decor


When It Rains Cushion | £5.93 & Toile Double Duvet Set | £14.93
I'm really not the most tidy of people and my room isn't exactly the largest considering it has to house two adults and a majority of their belongings (including a desktop computer, camera equipment, and somewhere for us to sleep). For a while now, our room has felt a bit dingy and, because of this, we've both lacked the motivation to make sure the floor remains clear, the bed gets made and random crap isn't all over the place. It was always a chore trying to navigate through the clothes, the computer cables and so on.

As some of you may know, I work for a company called Homebase in the UK and I always get tempted to purchase the little knick-knacks that we sell in our Home World section. I'm a bit of an impulse buyer, and so you can guarantee that I will see something, fall in love with it and then put it to one side to buy at the end of the day. At work, at the moment, we are running a mass clearance sale on a large amount of lighting, homeware and gardening products. You can see how the whole 'impulse buyer' and 'clearance sale' thing can pose a bit of a problem here.

So. I may have ended up completely re-accessorizing our bedroom.

The colour theme we had before was a deep red tone, which was nice to begin with, but it got dull pretty quickly and it just made the room seem even smaller. So, I decided that we needed to lighten the place up and bit and give it a fresh, new feel with some blues and greens. I'll post some pictures below and provide the links to the products that are in them, though, some were bought a while ago and may not be available anymore. If that's the case, or I simply cannot find the link, I will try and provide one for something similar.

Heart Tealight Holder | £2.99

Art Deco Grass | £9.99

Wasted Time Sign | £1.93
Green Bottle | £1.93
Round Wooden Honey Jar | £1.93

Oval Wooden Bowl | £14.99
Saville 230ml Reed Diffuser | £5.93

Let me know what you think in the comments below! I would love to hear your opinions and if there is anything you think I should change!

I would like to, also, add that this is not a sponsored post and it was in no way prompted because of the fact I work for Homebase. I purchased these items purely because I saw them, liked them and wanted to re-accessorize my bedroom. Any opinions expressed in this post or any others on my blog are not the opinions of Homebase, but 100% my own.

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  1. You got some great pieces! Love the heart frame xx
    Glossy Boutique

    1. Thanks! I've never really had any picture frames in my room, so I thought it was about time! Still not got any pictures in there, though!



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